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Bottle stoppers and tab poppers offer a fun and creative way to experiment with many types of shapes and woods. The wood blocks come in 2-inch by 2-inch by 4 or 6-inch sizes so a final product could be long, fat, slender or look like a little man with a hat. They are also beautiful in a single wood grain, layered colors or even segmented, each creating a lovely piece that can accent any kitchen and bar. Often, if a customer wants it, I can make matching bottle stoppers and beer bottle openers in the same wood and style. For instance, one person wanted grooms' gifts of matching walnut stopper and opener in the shape of chess pieces. A challenging product but they came out beautiful.

Stainless steel tab poppers are a useful tool in the kitchen for opening pop-top cans such as pet food, fruit or soup cans. This type of opening is becoming more popular but can be hard on nice manicures, long fingernails or arthritic hands. The larger size allows for better gripping and more force when opening the can. Though some people told me they use spoons or knives to open these cans, the tab poppers offer a better way that doesn't scratch cutlery or possibly have the knife slip and cut you.

Bottle stoppers
Bottle stoppers
Tab poppers
Tab poppers
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