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Pens are so versatile according to the wood used and the jewelry used on them. They can be in gold, shiny chrome, brushed chrome, kalidascope colors, gunmetal black, and more. They can feature artistry the celebrates dog or cat lovers, fantasy, steampunk, car enthusiasts, faith, skulls, and more. If you enjoy a favorite past-time, chances are there is a pen for you. The prices vary with the complexity of the pens.

If you want groomsmen gifts, a celebration of a graduation or achievement, old-fashioned bar mitzvah gift, or stocking stuffers, high quality pens and pen sets say "I know what you love" and "I'm proud of you."

All of the items are customized according to your specifications. The images below are examples of what I can do. Please contact me via the commissions link to discuss the details of your particular project!

Executive pens
3 executive pens
Fountain pens
Fountain pen
Slimline pens
Slimline pens
Tablet pens
Tablet pens
Desk sets
Desk set
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Box sets
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