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Raw wood has a beauty all of its own. Pyrography should take advantage of the wood's features to enhance an overall completeness of subject matter and framing. A knot hole can be a sun and grain marks can be textures in the land. I strive for this completeness when I work with any piece of wood and it is one of the reasons I love leaving raw edges on art pieces.

Please enjoy my art pieces. More will certainly be posted soon. If you see something you like, I can create a similar personalized version for you to enjoy. Commissions are definitely accepted. Or if you want some art built around a theme or subject matter, like a favorite animal, please contact me. I will work with you to create the pattern and make sure you receive something beautiful. Every art piece will be drawn and burned by hand, making each one unique.

Dancing Fairies
Dancing Fairies
River Otters
River Otters
Lighthouse and Ship
Lighthouse and ship
Stirring Spoons
Stirring spoons
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